May 2022

- Lindsey "Joey" Stolze successfully defeneded their thesis and earned a PhD in Genetics and began a position as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab!

- Casey Romanoski was promoted to the position of Associate Professor!

- Anna Golebiewski joined the lab as a PhD student!

March 2022

- The Romanoski Lab in collaboration with the Kaikkonen Lab at the University of Eastern Finland has published a paper in Genome Research covering genetic variant functional validation and the relationship between epigenetics and function!

January 2021

- Casey Romanoski was awarded the Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust Awards Program for Coronary Heart Disease Research to study dynamic transcriptional programs during angiogenesis and their associations to Coronary Artery Disease.

December 2020

- The lab helped publish two papers, the first in Pulmonary Circulation, and the second in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

September 2020

- Casey and Austin published a paper with collaborators in the UA Department of Immunobiology.

July 2020

- The lab helped publish a paper reporting that seasonal viral infections upregulate the CoV2 receptor, ACE2.

June 2020

- The lab published a paper in the American Journal of Human Genetics!

- Casey Romanoski was interviewed by the American Journal of Human Genetics about the lab's recent paper
Check out the Interview Here!

- Anna Eshgi has succesfully graduated from the UA and has been accepted into Kansas City University if Medicine and Biosciences to further her education! The lab will miss her and wishes her good luck!

February 2020

- The lab has a new listing for exciting job opportunity for an experienced Scientific Analyst:
Scientific Analyst II Job Desctription

January 2020

- The Romanoski Lab created a joint journal club with the Cusanovich lab and other interested graduate students to read and discuss recent research in genetics and genomics.

December 2019

- Lindsey Stolze received an AHA pre-doctoral fellowship, starting January of 2020!

October 2019

- Casey Romanoski, and graduate students Lindsey, Alice, and Austin all attended ASHG in Houston, TX where Lindsey gave a talk and Austin presented a poster.

August 2019

- Maria Adelus joined the lab as a graduate student in the next step of her MD/PhD program!

- Alice Solomon passed her qualifying exams!

July 2019

- Austin Conklin passed his qualifying exams!

May 2019

- The lab was awarded funding through an RO1 grant to study the mechanisms of ERG in endothelial cells!

January 2019

- The lab expanded and settled into a new space in the new Bioscience Research Laboratories buidling on the University of Arizona main campus.